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All information provided by Woodwyn Solutions, including text from this web site, newsletters, tips and downloads, etc. are researched to be as accurate as possible at the time they are presented. It is the intention of Woodwyn Solutions to provide accurate and useful information. However, due to the complexity and limitless combinations of hardware, software and user skill levels, and because all hardware and software technologies are regularly modified and/or updated, we can not guarantee that all of the information presented and services provided will work for all systems, all users, or all of the time.

Woodwyn Solutions very strongly recommends that you create a back up of all files and data, and that you create a restore point if your system allows for it and where doing so won’t aggravate a negative situation, before installing hardware and software, applying service packs or updates, or making other system changes.

Topics covered in our electronic and other publications are complex and do not necessarily have standardized answers. The information included is a compilation of well researched outside sources and the Woodwyn staff’s experiences and is designed to provide you with efficient and effective methods of protecting and enhancing your IT investments. However, you must use common sense when applying our suggested courses of action to your situation and only take actions that you are qualified for.

Woodwyn Solutions doesn’t accept any responsibility for your own actions; all information and services herein are offered as-is and without warranty of any kind. You can always contact a Woodwyn consultant for advice regarding your specific situation.

Woodwyn Solutions is not responsible for any loss, injury, damage, inconvenience, hardship or any other negative outcome whatsoever, whether direct or consequential, resulting from your application or use of any information or services presented on this site or its associated newsletters and files.

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